A Chorus Line

So Come On CD Cover June 2018“So Come On” arrived today. Vic Hyland’s first release from his upcoming album with three tracks recorded by Red Touch Industries.

I mentioned in my In Production blog that I’d been lucky enough to be involved last year with the BluescampUK choir in recording the chorus harmonies for the track “Fever of Love” for Vic’s 2018 album. (The second track on the So ComeSo come On CD Credits June 2018 On CD)

Vic is known for his educational work, research and publications on guitar, creativity and making money from the music business. Vic’s guitar playing has been likened to Hendrix, Santana and Jeff Beck and he has a very distinctive voice sometimes likened to Sting. A talented professional, he’s definitely also a creative, patient and insightful tutor!

Vic is also Director of ‘440 Music Ltd’ a company that teachers guitar to groups and is Course Director for BluescampUK every summer for musicians from around the country to get together in a collaborative learning space with some fantastic results.

It was at the camp in 2017 that the vocalists came together to record the chorus for Vic with the Bluecamp team for inclusion in the track.

All three tracks on the So Come On CD are different in style and tempo and a brilliant taster of things to come on the album. Vic’s created the album collaborating with an organic mix of young unsigned artists and professional musicians, describing the project as a medieval magic book where each track is a herbal remedy for life. Using a mix of roots (drums and keys), oils (bass) and incantations, judging by this taster CD the final potion (album) when it’s ready, is definitely going to be great food for the soul!

To order a copy contact Vic through his website here

Thank you Vic for the opportunity to be involved – see you soon!


A Musical Departure

cropped-pexels-photo-57690.jpgLast month I hooked up with PJ Tomlinson to work with him on his latest project – a musical theatre production. PJ is  prolific actor/author/director with books and plays and now this new musical in his portfolio.

I met him via the London Singer Songwriter Group after his call out for lyricists to pitch to join the project by creating the song for an initial track.

Words to music is my thing so I was really pleased to start talking to PJ about the project; the story line, the characters, setting and of course the exact scene and staging of the song.

He sent the music sent across, and working in the evenings around my other projects I set about telling the story through the lyrics, matching melodies to the track, trying out different song structures and rhythmic variations of the lyrics.

I spent about 6 hours on the project, recorded my final lyrics over the track and sent it back with notes on the lyrics, song structure and extension ideas. I was pleased with the result  – a duet, love song – a perfect match I thought for the track and storyline.

PJ liked it too.

“I and my colleague were so impressed with your song and how perfectly it fits into the music” 

So, later this summer once the musical is complete and music written, I’ll be joining PJ and his team to add lyrics and melodies to their tracks.

Exciting times. Really pleased to be doing this type of project with PJ as well as the other ongoing productions at the moment.

So excited in fact that it makes me just want to burst into song in the middle of a conversation….Laaah!





In Production

So, its been a while since I’ve blogged but I’ve been busy writing lyrics for various collaborations. Following the Country 2 Country Festival I’ve written a number of country songs which are with various musicians for arrangement now.

NMP May 2018I am particularly excited about my collaboration with The Nick Mitchell Project as I am a  real fan of his music and can’t wait to see what’s he’s developing with the lyrics and melodies I sent over. If you are a fan of blues, rock and country head over to Nick’s Reverbnation page and check out his work.


Nick and I wrote and performed together in 2017 and I’m looking forward to his new album coming out later this year.

I hear that Vic Hyland‘s album is also out now and that I am in fine voice on a track along with the rest of the awesome BluescampUK choir. Thanks Vic!

Now, I have few other projects up my sleeve so must press on.

(PS if you haven’t already checked out The Wandering Hearts new album Wild Silence – you need to. Now.)




A Little Bit Country…


C2C Festival hits the UK this weekend! I’ve been at the O2 soaking up the Country Music vibes. This is such a vibrant and super friendly festival taking place at three locations over the weekend and featuring a huge range of talented country singer-songwriters and performers, and supported by the most friendly, knowledgeable crowd.

C2C Festival kicks off officially on Friday 9th March 2018 but one of the best sessions to my mind is the CMA Song Writers Series on Thursday evening with these fabulous singer-songwriters sharing songs and stories of how and why they wrote them. Hosted by Brett James the focus is very much on the story telling element of country music songwriting. If you haven’t listened to these singer-songwriters I strongly suggest you do.

Luke Combs is rapidly becoming one of my favourites and this recent song share I really loved – “Beautiful Crazy”

So I’ll be at the C2C Festival this weekend – looking forward to meeting some of these guys. If you want to connect this weekend tweet or message me.





Art Is A Collaboration

This weekend saw me at the London Songwriters Collaboration Session and working with two awesome singer songwriters @katethomasofficial and @alliekstewart_songstress on a brief for a film/TV pitch.

Kate Ann & Allie

A great group of London and South East based musicians, singers and lyricists spent a couple of hours putting tunes together for three film/TV briefs. Final versions were shared and performed and feedback given on whether we met the brief.

If you meet the brief you can consider pitching the song to the industry contact.

Kate, Allie and I chose the brief to do a Romantic song – full of sentiment, with a positive vibe and highlighting the feelings of love, loyalty and commitment. As three songwriters who usually concentrate on the twists and turns of relationships and life’s trials putting together a song on the riches of love and being in love with complete abandon was… challenging!

Performing to the other groups in the session a few short minutes after penning the third verse gave the final performance a somewhat raw and improvised feel which luckily seemed to suit the mood of the piece.

Feedback was good and depending on time we may even submit the piece – watch this space! Brilliant to work with Kate and Allie on this and meet the rest of the group on Saturday. ‘Til next time…