This is me


I write.

I write about life, love and loss. Serious sentiment to quirky observations. The everyday and the extraordinary.

Life is a gift. Live every minute of it. Have the full experience. Enjoy it. Feel it.

Songs, music and dance are how we humans connect. Words and music – a powerful combination to excite and empower, celebrate and commiserate. The key that unlocks human emotion. Everyone. Everywhere.

I write lyrics. I write melodies, hooks and riffs. I write songs with pathos, intelligence and a sense of fun.

I work best with musicians, singer-songwriters and producers who are seeking a unique way to tell their story and make great music.

I write from a spark of an idea, a line you heard, a picture you love or an understanding of where you are at.

Check out examples of my work on the Blog section.

If you love making music that speaks to people, contact me. Today.





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