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ann 4 from The Way You Came In                                                                                                                                       © Ann Kenney

“I’ve been watching you lately trying to figure things out,

There’s a change on the horizon that could turn things about.

You got the piles of pieces you are trying to sort through

Like the puzzles as children that we used to do, the puzzles that we used to do.

We’re gonna make it of that there is no doubt

It’s how we fill in the spaces that’s gonna work this out.

We’ll be alright, we’ll walk the night,

And then and then, we’ll catch the light.”  from Spaces © Ann Kenney

“Every time we meet….. I feel it. Emotions building like soft falling snow.
Layers of perfect sharp crystal flakes weighing heavily upon my heart and soul.
If ever there was a perfect time. February brings me a better chance
of opening my heart and speaking my mind,
but tongue-tied I just carry on with the dance.” from Valentine Dance © Ann Kenney

“Everything is pressing down on me, life’s too tough now your gone

People all around but I’m still lonely, sometimes I feel I can’t go on

Never sure where the next hit is coming from, always ‘pecting s’thing out of the blue

Coming round the corner, out of thin air, I’m a car crash, an avalanche, and that’s nothing new” from I Need a Miracle  © Ann Kenney

“If you must begin the dance then go all the way

Sincere heart in harmony with all creation

Step to the music you hear, however far away

Your work in life is the ultimate seduction”    from Heart Song © Ann Kenney


If you like my style, more full song lyrics, with melodies and instrumentation are available. If you are interested in these songs or in any specific type of song or mood contact me to explore the catalogue or a bespoke piece of work.





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