A Musical Departure

cropped-pexels-photo-57690.jpgLast month I hooked up with PJ Tomlinson to work with him on his latest project – a musical theatre production. PJ is  prolific actor/author/director with books and plays and now this new musical in his portfolio.

I met him via the London Singer Songwriter Group after his call out for lyricists to pitch to join the project by creating the song for an initial track.

Words to music is my thing so I was really pleased to start talking to PJ about the project; the story line, the characters, setting and of course the exact scene and staging of the song.

He sent the music sent across, and working in the evenings around my other projects I set about telling the story through the lyrics, matching melodies to the track, trying out different song structures and rhythmic variations of the lyrics.

I spent about 6 hours on the project, recorded my final lyrics over the track and sent it back with notes on the lyrics, song structure and extension ideas. I was pleased with the result  – a duet, love song – a perfect match I thought for the track and storyline.

PJ liked it too.

“I and my colleague were so impressed with your song and how perfectly it fits into the music” 

So, later this summer once the musical is complete and music written, I’ll be joining PJ and his team to add lyrics and melodies to their tracks.

Exciting times. Really pleased to be doing this type of project with PJ as well as the other ongoing productions at the moment.

So excited in fact that it makes me just want to burst into song in the middle of a conversation….Laaah!





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