A Chorus Line

So Come On CD Cover June 2018“So Come On” arrived today. Vic Hyland’s first release from his upcoming album with three tracks recorded by Red Touch Industries.

I mentioned in my In Production blog that I’d been lucky enough to be involved last year with the BluescampUK choir in recording the chorus harmonies for the track “Fever of Love” for Vic’s 2018 album. (The second track on the So ComeSo come On CD Credits June 2018 On CD)

Vic is known for his educational work, research and publications on guitar, creativity and making money from the music business. Vic’s guitar playing has been likened to Hendrix, Santana and Jeff Beck and he has a very distinctive voice sometimes likened to Sting. A talented professional, he’s definitely also a creative, patient and insightful tutor!

Vic is also Director of ‘440 Music Ltd’ a company that teachers guitar to groups and is Course Director for BluescampUK every summer for musicians from around the country to get together in a collaborative learning space with some fantastic results.

It was at the camp in 2017 that the vocalists came together to record the chorus for Vic with the Bluecamp team for inclusion in the track.

All three tracks on the So Come On CD are different in style and tempo and a brilliant taster of things to come on the album. Vic’s created the album collaborating with an organic mix of young unsigned artists and professional musicians, describing the project as a medieval magic book where each track is a herbal remedy for life. Using a mix of roots (drums and keys), oils (bass) and incantations, judging by this taster CD the final potion (album) when it’s ready, is definitely going to be great food for the soul!

To order a copy contact Vic through his website here

Thank you Vic for the opportunity to be involved – see you soon!


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