Semi-Finalist! What a Rush!


In August I entered three songs – well one song “Gold” and two lyric only entries “You’re Not There” and “Rush of the Waterfall” into the UK Songwriting Contest.

A number of musicians suggested I put my lyrics forward and it’s another way to learn from feedback and meet more amazing people to collaborate with.

Earlier this month I got the message I’d been hoping for especially for this lyric which I’d had some great feedback on from other lyricists such as

Wonderfully imaginative. Lovely writing

Beautiful treatment of the theme of faith and love. Reminds me of leap of faith cliche but richer and more original.

Totally made up to find that “Rush of the Waterfall” has got to Semi Finals stage of this competition and the other two have been put forward for the second judging panel.


Rush of the Waterfall
Written By: Ann Kenney
Submission Date:
August 1, 2018 at 3:17 pm

Submitted to:
UKSC (Lyrics Only Category)
Lyricist Of The Year Awards

CURRENT UKSC POSITION: SEMI FINALIST Congratulations! This entry has been chosen by the judges as a Semi Finalist. It will now continue in the contest to the Finals selection panels.
(Final Results come out in November 2018)

Really lovely to know the judges liked this lyric and such a rush for me that day!

More lyrics can be found on Facebook “Ann Kenney Songs” let me know which ones you like!

For now its – WHOOP WHOOP! #quitechuffed 😁🎶


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