Art Is A Collaboration

This weekend saw me at the London Songwriters Collaboration Session and working with two awesome singer songwriters @katethomasofficial and @alliekstewart_songstress on a brief for a film/TV pitch.

Kate Ann & Allie

A great group of London and South East based musicians, singers and lyricists spent a couple of hours putting tunes together for three film/TV briefs. Final versions were shared and performed and feedback given on whether we met the brief.

If you meet the brief you can consider pitching the song to the industry contact.

Kate, Allie and I chose the brief to do a Romantic song – full of sentiment, with a positive vibe and highlighting the feelings of love, loyalty and commitment. As three songwriters who usually concentrate on the twists and turns of relationships and life’s trials putting together a song on the riches of love and being in love with complete abandon was… challenging!

Performing to the other groups in the session a few short minutes after penning the third verse gave the final performance a somewhat raw and improvised feel which luckily seemed to suit the mood of the piece.

Feedback was good and depending on time we may even submit the piece – watch this space! Brilliant to work with Kate and Allie on this and meet the rest of the group on Saturday. ‘Til next time…



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